Building Services

The Management Office is able to provide additional services such as carpet cleaning, exterminating, extra security service, or extra window cleaning through the building contractors, for an additional charge. If choosing an outside contractor, please coordinate with the Management Office, as it needs to be scheduled and approved in advance. The vendor must have a compliant and up-to-date Certificate of Insurance and meet building Vendor Rules and Regulations.

During the weekdays, 125 South Wacker provides janitorial services in all tenant and public areas. Our janitorial services staff maintains the building’s cleanliness and can quickly respond to tenant needs. Janitorial staff is on duty during regular business hours to accommodate additional cleaning requirements in public and tenant spaces. Should additional cleaning or trash removal services be required, please submit a work order request through Building Engines or contact the Management Office to arrange for service.

Cleaning in tenant suites is provided each weeknight beginning at 5:00 p.m. in accordance with your lease. This typically includes emptying trash, vacuuming, dusting, spot cleaning glass, dust mopping hard floors, etc. For an additional charge, refrigerator or microwave cleaning, kitchen maintenance, dishwashing, and other special cleaning services can be arranged by requesting a quote via a work order request in Building Engines or by contacting the Management Office.