Tenant Alterations

Construction Work

Office suites are ordinarily built to suit the needs of individual tenants prior to move-in. Should your require alterations to your space, please observe the following rules:
  • Review the building's Contractor Rules and Regulations, which can also be found on the website in the Forms and Documents section under Tenant Resources.
  • The Management Office must approve all tenant alterations or remodeling in writing before work begins.
  • Tenant contractors will be required to comply with all building rules and regulations. A certificate of insurance listing the appropriate parties as additional insureds and providing evidence of the required coverage and limits must be submitted prior to beginning any construction. Failure to provide the necessary level of insurance coverage will result in stop of work until compliance can be proven.
  • Upon arriving at the building, the contractor must provide identification at the loading dock entrance in return for a building pass. The building pass must be worn at all times while in the building.
  • Contractors are expected to utilize only the service elevators for ingress and egress, and to abide by all safety and security policies and procedures of 125 South Wacker.

Tenant Space Repairs

125 South Wacker does not loan or rent property-owned tools or equipment to tenants or their vendors and contractors. 125 South Wacker staff can perform a variety of minor repairs to tenant spaces. The building’s engineers repair items such as locks, light fixtures, sinks or supplemental HVAC equipment. The engineering department can also install pictures and shelving. Please have your authorized representative make such requests in advance (except in cases of emergencies) to the Management Office. Appropriate charges for labor and materials will apply and will appear on the tenant rent statements.

Signage & Suite Identification

Each tenant has the right to display its company name and/or logo on its entry doors or within its suite. The Management Office must approve all new tenant signage or changes to existing signage.