Tenants of 125 South Wacker are asked to help curtail energy use by turning off all unnecessary lights and appliances at the end of the working day. Building cleaning staff will turn off lights when they are finished cleaning the tenant space. Please contact the Office of the Building with any inquiries and/or suggestions related to conservation.
125 South Wacker has an active recycling program available to all tenants of the building. Upon request, each tenant employee will be furnished with a blue desk side container for recycling paper only. Larger containers for use in copy rooms must be purchased by the tenant. For additional blue desk side containers, please contact the Management Office.

If paper is contaminated by food or liquid left in coffee cups or pop cans, it cannot be recycled. Because this has been the main obstacle in recycling trash, please keep wet trash separate from dry trash. Dispose of all wet trash (cups, cans, juice bottles, leftover food and its containers) in the appropriate receptacles in your coffee area/lunch room or cafeteria.

Acceptable Recycling Materials for Desk Side Containers:
White Paper
Colored Paper
Glossy Paper
Junk Mail
Post-It Notes
Blue Prints
Manila Folders
*Tyvek envelopes cannot be recycled.
Paperclips, staples, rubber bands, and envelope windows do not need to be removed.

Unacceptable Recycling Materials for Desk Side Containers:
Food Waste
Paper Towels
Waxed Paper
Food Wrappers
Plastic Coated Paper
Toner cartridges can be recycled and bins are located on the dock area. Please leave the used toner in a visible area with a note for the night cleaning crew, and they will ensure proper disposal. If you would like immediate assistance during business hours, please place a work order on Building Engines.

Finally, 125 South Wacker also provides a recycling program for aluminum cans, glass, and *plastic. Each tenant is furnished with a container for collecting the materials. These containers are typically placed in a pantry or work room. The containers are emptied several times per week depending on volume.

*Only containers with numbers 1 through 5 and 7 in the recycling triangle can be recycled. You can usually find the triangle on the bottom of the container.

If you would like to have one of these containers delivered to your office, please contact the Management Office.  

If you would like Waste Management to perform a Recycling Review or give a presentation in your space, please contact the Property Associate.