Building Access

Locks & Keys
The Management Office provides each tenant with two keys to each door in the suite and will supply additional keys and/or replacements at an additional cost. For your protection, the keying system is proprietary. Unauthorized locksmiths cannot duplicate keys. The Management Office must approve the change or addition of any locks in your office. All keys must be returned to the Management Office at the end of the lease.

Each tenant will need to identify at least one Key Control Authority (KCA) who is a designated tenant representative that will authorize key requests through the Management Office. The list of KCA’s must be sent to the Management Office before any key duplication requests can be fulfilled.

Identification Key Cards
Each tenant employee working at 125 South Wacker must carry a building standard photo identification keycard in order to gain access to the building. Temporary employees and consultants working in the building for more than one week will also need an ID keycard. The Key Control Authority designated by the tenant will be authorized to approve keycards. Please work with building security to ensure all your employees have a photo on their badges.
New Hire Process
Prior to a new employee’s first day of work at the building, please request an ID key card for them through Building Engines, the tenant services web portal. Until a permanent ID keycard is obtained, new employees will be required to register as visitors daily.

New employee keycards must be requested through Building Engines. In order to receive the access card, the named employee will need to come to the Security Director’s office for a photograph or a professional photo must be uploaded to the keycard request. Hours for photographs will be Monday – Thursday from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM. If a photo is attached to the request, building security will deliver the key card to the tenant suite.

The procedure for a single new hire applies to large groups of new employees.

Lost or Forgotten Access Badges
Please notify the Management Office immediately of lost key cards by sending a work order request through Building Engines. The keycard will be cancelled and a replacement will be issued. There is a $15 charge for all replacement cards. This charge will be applied to your rent statement.

All individuals with an active ID key card who have forgotten their badge will be required to register at the security desk in order to have access the building. Upon verification of access permission, either by a look up in our security system or via contact with the designated tenant representative, verified employees will then be allowed access to the 125 South Wacker lobby and elevators. Further access to tenant space will be allowed using tenant-specific security procedures. After three (3) consecutive days of a forgotten ID key card, the individual will be required to obtain a new key card on the fourth day. 

Terminating Employees
Please notify the Management Office immediately when an employee is terminated so that the key card can be cancelled. Only the designated tenant representatives are authorized to make these requests. Security is available to assist if needed.

Please submit a work order through Building Engines. The work order should include the full name of the employee, the effective date of the termination, and if there will be any special circumstances that must be followed (example: terminated employee will be returning to pick up belongings and must be escorted).  If you wish to bar an individual from the building, please add them to the Watch List in Building Engines and send notice to Security.