Visitors & Vendors

Visitor Registration

All visitors to the tenants of 125 South Wacker are required to register at the security desk located in the lobby. A government-issued photo ID must be presented at the time of check-in. Tenant companies can pre-register visitors through the web-based visitor management system via Building Engines.

If an unregistered visitor arrives, building staff will phone the appropriate contact person to gain authorization for the visitor.

Visitors will be issued a paper ID badge valid for the day of the visit only. All visitors will be directed to the main reception floor of the respective tenant company.

Visitors arriving after regular business hours (refer to Hours of Operation) will register following the same process as above; however, it is necessary for the tenant employee to meet the visitor in the lobby and escort them to their suite.
Vendor Registration & Requirements
Tenants should not be registering any kind of vendor into the system as a visitor. Any vendor that Tenants will have onsite must be emailed to Building Management at noting the date, time, and details of onsite activity. Notice of onsite vendors should be made to Building Management 24 hours prior to their scheduled arrival.

All vendors entering the building must have a compliant Certificate of Insurance on file with the building. COI Requirements can be found under Tenant Resources > Forms and Documents. Please email all COIs to and the Tenant Services Coordinator will confirm compliance.
Food Deliveries
During regular building hours, Monday through Friday, food deliveries may be brought up to the tenant suites. Delivery personnel will be directed to the tenant’s main reception floor. After hours, tenant employees will be required to meet the delivery in the Lobby.