Building Features

Elevator Service
Low Rise Elevators Lobby and Floors 2 – 17
High Rise Elevators Lobby and Floors 17 – 31
Service Elevator Floor LLC, LLB, LLA, and 1st Floor
Freight Elevator LLC – 32nd Floor

Resource Schedule
The resource schedule portal on Building Engines allows you to view availability and create reservations for the conference center and after-hours dock reservations.

When viewing the portal, you are able to view by month, week, day, and organize the calendar by the resource you are looking for. When creating a reservation, please provide all required request details, name of the event, select a time and date, and click save. Once the reservation request has been saved and approved, it will appear on the calendar between the start and end dates previously selected. The calendar will also display other reservations to prevent duplicate bookings.

If you have any questions, please contact the Tenant Services Representative at the Office of the Building at 312-346-5511.